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The Anglo-Saxons went people living in England from the middle of the v century to the Norman conquest to 1066. They spoke German language, hislanguage is derived from West Germanic dialect and transform in middle English XI century. The Anglo-Saxon is divided into four main dialects: West Saxon, the dialect trade, the Northumbrian dialect andKentico.
The first theories said large numbers of Anglo-Saxon settlers arrived, basically killing or moving the British people living in south and east of Britain, the Old English became the languageof the English kingdoms, but a few Celtic words became part of the language. The population of Britain in 400 is unknowable, but is based on land usage, to have been around 2 million people.
Theindigenous British people, who wrote in both Latin and Welsh referred to these invaders as Saxones or Saeson. Saeson is still used today in the Welsh word for English people.

* Anglo-saxon artAnglo-Saxon art before roughly the time of Alfred, is a fusion of Anglo-Saxon and Celtic techniques and motifs.
Art examples
Shoulder-clasps from Sutton Hoo, early 7TH century.
The famous helmetfound at Sutton Hoo probably belonged to king Raedwald of East Anglia, about 625 AD.
Anglosaxon sword and acabbard mount from Grave 760 at the cemetery of Chessel Down.
11th century ivory crossreliquary.
Ascension of Christ 8th century AD, Anglo-Saxon ivory plaque hook cover.
Anglo-Saxon ivory head of a tau cross, with Christ treading on the beats, early 11th century.
Purse-lid from theSutton Hoo ship- burial 1. England.
Grave goods from the Sutton Hoo burial mound 17 England.
The period between Alfred and the Norman Conquest, with the revival of the English economy and culture afterthe end of the Viking raids, saw Anglo-Saxon style in art, though one in touch with trends on the Continent.
Anglo-Saxon art is mainly known today through illuminated manuscripts, they have...
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