Animal farm

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May 2, 2012
Governing with Petro and Napoleon
I. Introduction
II. Contradiction
A. ‘Pico y Placa’
B. Seven Commandments
III. They both communicate their ideas indirectly
A. Twitter
B. Squealer
IV. Both had the intention to help to abolish oppression
A. Displaced people
B. Animals
V. Conclusion

There are many ways togovern, Gustavo Petro, Mayor of Bogota, and Napoleon, leader of Animal Farm, show similarities in their leadership styles. Animal Farm, wrote by George Orwell, tells the story of a group of animals that rebel against the farm owner, Mr. Jones. Napoleon was a pig, who leads the farm to change. At the beginning, the farm was free and governed by animals, but at the end the leaders, the pigs, started tobehave as humans. Gustavo Petro was elected in 2012. Although Napoleon and Petro govern in different times and places they both show similar characteristics as leaders, this can be seen in Napoleon’s and Petro’s contradictions of themselves, they communicate their ideas indirectly, and they both wanted to help the poor people.
As said before, both Napoleon and Petro contradict themselves. Forall purposes, contradiction will be defined as saying one thing and doing the opposite or doing another thing. For example, when Petro was elected, he started to talk about rotating the ‘Pico y Placa’ every month. The months have passed, yet nothing has been done to change it. In his first days as Mayor ,he said that the schedule of the ‘Pico y Placa’ needed to be reduced very slowly, but 100days after his possession he changed the objective of the case by saying that the ‘Pico y Placa’ doesn’t work like before and that this measure needs to be eliminated slowly. This is a contradiction because he talked about reducing the hours of the restriction, then of rotating the days of the ‘Pico y Placa’ and now he is saying that he is going to abolish the ‘Pico y Placa’ slowly. In Animal Farma great example of contradiction is the seven commandments, the seven commandments, the rules established by all animals to rule the farm were the following:
1. Whatever goes upon 2 legs is an enemy. 
2. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend. 
3. No animal shall wear clothes. 
4. No animal shall sleep in a bed. 
5. No animal shall drink alcohol.
6. No animal shall killany other animal
7. All animals are equal. (Orwell 24)
Then these commandments were changed by the pigs, which started to change the rules to their benefit. The commandment of alcohol said, “No animal shall drink alcohol,” but when the pigs changed it to their benefit it then said, “No animal shall drink alcohol to excess.” All the commandments were changed to the pigs’ benefit, and at the end,Napoleon eliminated all the commandments and there was only one commandment that said “ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL, BUT SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS.” This is an obvious contradiction, because he gave a set of rules to be followed, but ended abolishing them.
As mentioned before, Napoleon and Petro communicate their ideas in an indirect way. For example, Gustavo Petro uses the famous socialnetwork, Twitter, to inform the people with what he is thinking and his advices in an emergency, for example, the problem of the protests of ‘Transmilenio’. Petro started to “tweet” about the situation and his announcements every five minutes. Petro also tweeted the balance of his government. The use of Twitter has generated problems for Gustavo Petro. Some experts, like the state controllerAlejandro Ordoñez, have said that he can’t inform things by Twitter before an official communication. Like Petro, Napoleon expressed his ideas or his orders indirectly by Squealer. For example, when Boxer got sick, Napoleon didn’t go were Boxer, instead, Squealer went to speak with Napoleon. Later, when Napoleon took a decision, Squealer was the one in charge to speak with the farm. The similarities...
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