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Is designated by the term animal all those living things that feel and move under its own power, but they differ from humans outright for lack of reason, ie, in most cases, the animals, exhibit senses such as smell, sight and hearing to the next level of developmentof human beings, however, differ from this by their inability to reason and because it basically as a result of this situation, move for a very instinctive behavior.

Since the world began, the animals have populated the planet earth and have been not only a tool and a means for humans, but also in most cases have also been invaluable to this company.

Because, as history tells us of man andbecause of some animals, originally and even now also, a large number of animals have been and are the primary means by which man has to feed both as While his family and of course in ancient times was the same chief of a tribe or family that had to go to capture the animal for himself, using only a spear and now there are others who make this cruel and hard work it, the animal has always beenone of the main food of men.

Also have served as bread, even the animals are known to be available to men at the time of transporting people or cargo. Horses, mules, camels are some of the animals that once helped the man to do so.

Luckily and as a result of the struggle of many organizations around the world, this use of animals every day becomes more obsolete and has been replaced by othermeans that involve less cruelty to a living being.


The starfish is one of the members of the phylum Echinodermata, the group of marine invertebrates that have a spiny skin. Animals that belong to this group called echinoderms. 
The spines are bony plates projecting from just beneath the layer of soft skin. These plates form an endoskeleton. An endoskeleton is askeleton inside the body of an animal. 

The Myriapoda 
terrestrial invertebrates are the group of arthropods that are characterized by elongated body are divided into two parts (head and trunk). The head is provided with a pair of antennas and the body is formed by a large number of segments or rings provided with one or two pairs of legs each. Boca biotechnological and development withoutmetamorphosis. His body is covered with chitin. 

The characteristics of fish 
Fish are vertebrates that live in water and breathe through gills. Are ectothermic, ie, cold-blooded animals. A ectotherms is an animal that gets your body heat mainly from the environment. The fish are the backbone of cartilage or bone. Most fish are adapted to live in fresh or salt water. Most have fins. 
Most fishhave scales that cover and protect the body. Circulatory, digestive and nervous systems of fish are very well developed. There are three kinds of fish: The Agnatha, Chondrichthyes and the Osteichthyes.The most primitive of the three classes is the jawless fish (the Agnatha).Sharks and mantas (stripes) are the class Chondrichthyes. The largest class is the Osterichthyes. The fish in this classhave a skeleton made almost entirely of bone. 

It is a pest that causes considerable damage to garden crops. 
The types of roundworms are several: Biting the inside of the roots (Heterodera rostochiensis, Pratylenchus and Melogyne), others live in the outer part of roots (Tylenchides and Dorilaimides) and other air attack the stem. 
The roundworm is divided in roundworms,Ascardiasis, Pinworms, Trichurdiasis, Uncinariasis. 

The Platyhelminthes 
Are worms with the body flattened dorsoventral direction and lacking digestive tract anus. Nor are the circulatory system and most are hermaphrodites. Almost always parasites. 
Locomotor appendages have not and some have cilia. 
Most lack the digestive, circulatory, respiratory, and sensory organs.Fixation usually have...
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