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Go Put Your Strengths to Work
6 Powerful Steps to Achieve Outstanding Performance

by Marcus Buckingham Copyright © 2007 by One Thing Productions, Inc. Reprinted by permission of Free Press, a Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc., N.Y. 270 pages

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• If you focus on fixing mistakes, you will not learn how to become excellent. • Use “positive deviance” to measure how your team performs. • Negative thoughts can block your ability to perform. • You should be able to list more strengths than weaknesses. But most people find it easier to list their weaknesses. • Strengths arewhat you enjoy doing and do extremely well. • Make your job more enjoyable by emphasizing tasks that use your strengths. • Stop doing a part of your job that you dislike and see if it makes any difference. If not, you’ve made a cheap improvement. • Swap those parts of your job that use your weaknesses with someone for whom those tasks are a strength. • Enlist your colleagues and boss in a seriesof conversations to help you work toward your strengths. • Use a defined process to monitor how you use your strengths. Build good habits.


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What You Will Learn In this Abstract you will learn: 1) Why building on your strengths is smarter than trying to fix your weaknesses; 2) How to identify your unique strengths; 3) How to reposition yourself at work to use those strengths more fully; and 4) How to keep a fresh set ofstrengths in place as you grow. Recommendation Marcus Buckingham is passionate about helping you identify your unique strengths and unleash their power. As you read and work your way through the program in this book, you will become convinced that growing through your strengths is the ticket to your future happiness, effectiveness and success. He refutes the approach of improvement by fixing mistakesas a dead end that cannot help you discover how you can be exceptional. The book constantly refers you to its associated Web site for materials that will help you work through the exercises. Buckingham wants you to act rather than just read a theoretical tract. Nothing presented in this book will help you without action and implementation. However, if you take up the challenge, you will becomeempowered as you take charge of your work through your strengths. getAbstract recommends this book because it contains just a few simple ideas that could change your life.

“The strengths movement says that all we learn from mistakes are the characteristics of mistakes. If we want to learn about our successes, we must study successes.”

Strengths and Mistakes People make mistakes. Thereal question is whether you would do better by learning from those mistakes or by focusing on building your strengths instead. Do athletes perform better by filling their minds with images of winning or images of losing? Research says it is the former. Are your workdays filled with tasks that let your strengths flow? Does your work engage your very strongest abilities? Or do you spend your days...
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