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The aquaponics system also knows as a bio-integrated food production system. It is a form of sustainable food production and consists in the cultivation of plants andaquatic animals in the same environment. It is the union of hydroponics with aquaculture forming a polyculture system.


A lot of people seem this system it’s new for the world butit has a old history that began with our American ancestors “the Aztecs”.
The version of aquaponic for this old civilization was name chinampas and consisted in the construction of little artificialislands and put them in lakes and swamps where they produce crops like corn and in the swamps or lake they always reap fish.


The aquaponic is a very good alternative system ofproduction that can be integrated in closed circulation systems aquaculture and hydroponic.

The practice of aquaponic constitutes a viable alternative for cost reduction and diversification ofproduction of aquaculture and hydroponic units.

Aquaponics use the rich water of the aquaculture system to fertigate plants that used to be vegetables. The system is closed, the water of the fish areflowing through the hydroponic culture, and this is returned to the fish tanks.

It’s important mention that not all the substance in the water of the fish tanks are good for plants to could reusethe nutrients that of the decomposing fish feed. That’s why its necessary a biofilter that strip off ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, and phosphorus. the beds of the plants form of inert, organic, and mixedmedia contained in bag, trough, trench,
pipe, or bench setups and this work as a very good biofilter.

This particular symbiosis brings benefits to both systems. The system has been a lot ofsuccess because plant roots remove substances that could be toxic for fish in the fish tanks, but plants take advantage of this substance because using it like nutrients that help the plant to grow up....
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