Arab israeli conflict

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Most of the people assume they understand the true reason of this conflict, but from myview people just see a little part of it. The Arab-Israeli war was much more than the story of two nations that disagreed on the repartition of land and the costs for it were massive. The causes ofthe conflict are many and are not only due to disagreements during the partition of Palestine in 1947. The ancestry of this war started almost thirty years (from 1920 to 1947) with the Balfourdeclaration and before the British Mandate of Palestine.

Palestine has been previously a province of the Ottoman Empire and then was passed to the British for a mandate of almost a decade so it has neverbeen a really a state. The Arabs never had a concept of what independence was; they felt especially patriotic towards the land they lived, in the lead of Nationalism. The Balfour declaration waspublished as a proof that United Kingdom chose a Jewish residence in Palestine in order to motivate Jews to support England during the First World War. The primary cause of war was the opposition of the Arabcommittee to partition. Another primary cause of the Arab-Israeli war was the declaration mentioned before because the Arabs felt offended seeing that they were also providing help for the British.Thirteen countries opposed the plan, including the entire Muslim bloc, Yugoslavia, India and Greece during the vote on partition. This disagreement by all the Arab nations surrounding Palestine causedan enormous tension to the Palestinians, which consequence became as a conflict opposing Arab armed movements. As the pressure between nations, both sides were preparing for a final showdown.

Israelwas fighting survivalist war, Israel was more motivated in winning its territory, and on the other hand, the Arab nations were all fighting for different reasons, which as consequence made...
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