Area 51

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Access to Nevada Test and Training Range, like is also known, is strictly prohibited. The posters warn: "It is authorized to use lethal weapons." Their airspace is the mostinviolable of the United States. But, why it is forbidden enter to that area of Nevada? Does the American government hide UFOs in these mountains? A man claims to know the answer.
It is said that atnightfall at Area 51, begins a frantic and strange activity, where strange aircraft start to overfly the secret base.

Founded in 1954 as a secret base where the Lockheed AircraftCorporation could develop spy planes for the CIA, Area 51 is still home to some of the most revolutionary in the U.S. There were tested the bomber stealth Northrop B-2, and a series of unconventionalaircraft. It has always been top secret, until the United States Air Force (USAF) did not admit its existence in 1994, because it represents the latest in military technology. The only problem, accordingto some researchers, is that neither the technology nor the techniques are Americans, they are from outer space.
Since the establishment of Area 51 several people reported seeing strange objectsflying over its airspace, but the authorities denied the facts. However, one of his own men stated that UFOs are not only circulating over Area 51, but the USAF is actively using alien technology.Robert Bob Lazar, who served five months in the base from December 1988, did demonstrations on television in May 1989, where he revealed that the U.S. Government were investigating nine flying saucers andtrying to adapt alien technology to their own projects.
In November, he decided to appear publicly to avoid further risks. He described a secret location, known as S-4, near Papoose Lake, in theinterior of Area 51, where they kept the alien ships. He explained that he was part of a team of 22 engineers hired to investigate the propulsion systems of the flying saucers.
According to Salazar,...
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