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Note: For WaveRT drivers (Vista), this box is labeled “Allow Pull Mode (WaveRT)” instead!
Enables the hardware buffer for the highlighted device. This only works for so called“WavePCI”
miniports, as other types of WDM drivers do not usually allow direct access to the hardware buffer.
Adjustment for best hardware buffer performance involves the “ASIO Buffer Size” sliderand the “Buffer
Offset” slider (see below). Hardware buffering works best for rather small ASIO buffer sizes. Try
something between 128 and 256 samples as a starter!
The biggestadvantage of using the hardware buffer is that this method uses a lot less CPU. In addition, it
may be possible to decrease latencies even further.
In multi-device-setups, it is possibleto mix Hardware-buffered devices with devices that are not. This,
however, is not particularly recommended!
If hardware buffering is not supported by a particular audio device, therewill be an additional latency of a
couple hundred milliseconds, which is clearly audible.
“Allow Pull Mode (WaveRT)”
There are two basic access methods for a WaveRT device, “pull-mode”(also called “event-mode”) and
“push-mode” (also called “polling mode”). “push-mode” is thought to be supported by all WaveRT
drivers and (Vista) OS platforms, whereas “pull-mode”wasn't even officially documented by Microsoft
until almost one year after Vista went RTM. As a consequence, “pull-mode” is still broken in a number
of instances.
If this box is leftunchecked, ASIO4ALL will never use “pull-mode”, otherwise it will use it whenever
possible. If it works, “pull-mode” provides tighter timing and is generally thought to be technicallybetter
than “push-mode”.
Note: The old ASIO4ALL 2.8 behavior for this option was as if checked! If you check this box and there
are no problems, keep it checked for better performance!
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