Argentina Grill

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Argentine Grill

Guatemala, February 18, from 2013
History of argentine Grill

I could be said that the history of the Argentine grill begin when the gauchoes still were not crafty, when one was calling them guaderios or guazos. Or alsoit is possible to say that everything began with the cows. When the cows were walking free, wild, for the Argentine pampas. Then the gauchoes, species of nómades of broad trousers, boots and white shirts, were seizing them to opened field, were slaughtering them and were roasting them. This they were not years of gridirons, clearly.
From this moment the cows were started reproducing and strollingaround free for the Pampas. This one gained was wild, that is to say that was not a property of anybody, anyone could be served a cow with the only condition not to pass of twelve thousand heads. To carry out the hunt of this animal the so called dairies like that were organized. There were joining from ten to fifteen countrymen who were ready so much to support a life it lasts like to a couplebe gaining of royal. When they were finding to the cattle, the paws were cutting him to every beast with a lance and the animal was falling to the soil, fixed assets. It is necessary to say that during the dairies, the meat of that he was taking advantage of the vacas was very small, because in general they were hunted by his leather, being like that the first Argentine industry.

Recipe #1These are the ingredients for 8 shares of roast meat: -
I happen kilograms of the chosen meat. It spends money and buys a good meat. - 2 onions. - 2 carrots. - 3 garlic cloves. - I happen glass of olive oil. - A glass of white wine. - Little salt
To prepare the roast meat: 1 - cleans himself the meat. It him removes itself the fat and the disagreeable nerves.
2 - the salt is added, to thetaste.
3 - To warm the oil. When it is very warm the meat will be added, to gild it.
4 - the teeth of garlics To add Him, the carrots and the onions
5 - Everything to the oven 180 200 degrees approximately 20 minutes. Monitor that it does not burn.
6 - To half of the preparation, to add the glass of wine. And continue roasting.
7 - Extract the meat of the oven and to serve with his sauceapart

Recipe #2

2 skirt or skirt frees of steak Olive oil Go out kosher and pepper newly black area I Prepare: 4 garlic cloves, punctured 1 chili pepper jalapeño, without seeds and punctured 1 teaspoonful of seeds of ground fresh cumin (better to toast lightly the seeds first, then they to grind) 1 great bunch of fresh coriander, leaves and stems, finely punctured (great flavor in the stems) Goout kosher and pepper newly black area 2 lemons, juice 2 spoonfuls of white vinegar 1 / 2 teaspoonful of sugar 1 / 2 cup of olive oil Method 1 Places the filet of flank in a great container I do not reactivate or ovenproof dish. Combine the ingredients of seasoning and spill the seasoning on the meat. Insure itself that every piece is covered well. Front page in plastic and refresh for 1-4 hours.2
The spit preheats more of way - high place to the fire (also it is possible to use a gridiron of cast iron on heat bread for the stove - kitchen above). Brush of the gratings with little oil to prevent the meat from sticking. Withdraw the meat of the marinaded one. If it is cooked in, it is possible that paintbrush wishes the excess of seasoning since the bits and the smoke could incinerate inthe warm frying pan. Season of both sides of the pieces of meat with salt and pepper. Grill the pieces during a few minutes only, to every side, depending on how they are thin, up to rare way made good, to his preference. It is possible that it has to be employed at lots. Withdraw the meat of pieces to a table of cutting and stopping to rest in 5 minutes. Sliced finely the meat of the whole...
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