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*Developing a Topic Sentence

✓ Remember that your topic or opinion must be arguable.

✓ It must be open to debate and have different views about it.

✓ One way to testwhether your position is arguable is to state your viewpoint using the words: should or ought.

*Considering Readers´ Knowledge and Opinions

✓ Think about readers who either have no opinionabout your topic or who disagree with your position.

✓ You will have to consider readers´ knowledge and attitudes toward your topic.

*Building an Argument with Relevant Evidence

✓ Thesupporting details must be relevant to the topic and to readers.

✓ Good reasons support a writers´ point by providing specific examples.

✓ Good reasons vary from purpose to purpose and fromaudience to audience.

✓ You may be able to use reasons and evidence that come from your observations or experiences.

*Anticipating Opposing Arguments

✓ Consider readers´ viewpointsand their objections to your position.

✓ A technique for thinking about opposing viewpoints is to brainstorm a ¨for/against¨ list or a ¨pro/con¨ list.

*Avoiding Logical Fallacies

A fallacyis a mistake in reasoning that leads to an illogical statement.

*Two logical fallacies that advancing writers often make in cause-and-affect analysis:

Oversimplifying: the causes of an event ora condition by stating that it had one cause.

Making a false assumption: something caused an event or a condition just because it happened right before the event or the condition.

*Logicalfallacies to avoid in your persuasive paragraphs.

Overgeneralizing by making broad statements that you cannot support in a paragraph (or an essay)

Citing a false authority by supporting a pointwith a quotation from a person who is not an expert on your topic.

Circular Reasoning trying to prove a point by repeating it in different words.

Majority Rule or ¨bandwagon¨ occurs when a writer...
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