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The first thing you need to describe someone in a little detail is vocabulary. Here are some vocabulary lists that we hope you will find useful . And while you are checking the lists … why notgive us a description of yourself?

The first thing we want to know is your HEIGHT*, BUILD* AND AGE*.

Here are some possible combinations.

shortthin boy/girl.
shortish slim teenager*.
I am a tallishathletic young man/woman.
tall well-built middle-aged man/woman.heavy elderly* man/woman.
fat old man/woman.But please note that we say “I am of medium –height “ or “I am of medium-build” . Another way of talking about your age is: I am in my twenties, thirties, forties…*

Next we want to know theSHAPE* and COLOUR of your eyes.

large blue
I have roundgreen eyes.
small brown
narrow* black

What about your hair? Tell us about its LENGTH* and COLOUR

blackshort brunette*
shortish brown
medium-length light brown
I have...
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