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Action Request System 6.3

AR System Scripting Plug-In for Java User’s Guide

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PrefaceOverview of This Manual

The AR System Scripting Plug-In for Java allows you to access utilities and services through an embedded Java Virtual Machine (JVM) as a part of standard filter processing. You specify Java code fragments and input arguments, the plug-in evaluates and executes the code, and you specify how the workflow handles return values.

Note thatthis is not a JavaScript plug-in. The code interpreted and executed by the plug-in is in the form of Java code fragments. JavaScript is another language in its own right.

This document describes the steps necessary to install, configure, and use the AR System Scripting Plug-In for Java.

This document is divided into two sections to aid you in locating the informationyou need.

• Chapter 1, “Installing and Configuring the AR System Scripting Plug-In for Java,” provides installation and configuration information.

• Chapter 2, “Building AR System Filters to Execute Java,” provides a conceptual overview of how you build AR System filters to execute Java code to perform advanced functionality or access other systems.• Chapter 3, “Working with the Script Library,” describes the script library and test forms provided with the plug-in.

|1 |Installing and Configuring the AR System Scripting Plug-In for Java |

This chapter discusses the overall requirements, installation, and configuration of the AR System Scripting Plug-In for Java. The topicscovered include the following

• Requirements
• Important Information and Limitations
• Installation
The AR System Scripting Plug-In for Java is a server-side plug-in and is supported on all platforms supported by the AR System 6.3 server.

The plug-in requires a JVM. Refer to the AR System 6.3 Compatibility matrix forthe AR Server. The same JVM’s supported for the Web Services plug-in apply to the AR System Scripting Plug-In for Java.

Important Information and Limitations

The AR System Scripting Plug-In for Java requires AR System 6.3 or later.

Install the AR System server options for the AR System API and Web Service plug-in.


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