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In this dossier I am going to show what is about this book I am going to show the character’s that are a review of the book an many other’s things that you are going to read the book.

1. When thefather of the 4 children’s left the kids, because of the World War II

2. Lucy say to he’s brother Edmund that she has discovered a portal to a snow-park and he don’t believe.

3. When Lucy wastalking with Mr.Tumnus and he say that here in Narnia there is a White Witch that is very bad Witch.

4. When the White Witch say to Edmund that he is going to be the King of Narnia if he brings theybrothers.

5. When the White Witch get into a stone Mr.Tumnus, because he has been in contact with a human.

6. When the 3 brothers Peter, Susan and Lucy go to the house of Mr.Beaver andMrs.Beaver to ask where was the house of the White Witch and Mr.Beaver say to follow him.

7. When Susan and Peter don’t believe in Lucy that a White Witch as take Edmund and then they follow Lucy and goNarnia again.

8. When Aslan scarified his life to save the life of Edmund and the White Witch kill Aslan.

9. The War that has the Soldiers of Aslan V/S the Soldiers of the White Witch.

10. WhenPeter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy where the winners in the war and know they are the King’s of Narnia.

Peter Pevensie: He is the oldest boy of the 4 brothers, he is tall and has blond hear. He don’tbelieve in Narnia until Lucy go with him, get allied to Aslan in the war to the White Witch.

Susan Pevensie:Is the second oldest sister. She is tall and has curly hear she don’t believe in Narniauntil Lucy go with her.

Edmund Pevensie: Is the third of the 4 brothers. He is a young boy that allied to the White Witch because she say to him she is going to be king of Narnia.

Lucy Pevensie: Isthe last of the 4 brothers and she is the fist of the 4 brothers to enter inside Narnia and then she meet Tumnus that was a faun.

Mr. Tumnus: A faun , is the fist person that Lucy meet in...
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