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Plataforma 2 Chapter 7 Health/Part 1 The Secrets of a Very Long Life/Part 2 Claims to Amaizing Health
|Content Objectives |Identify and discuss about reasons for an unusual longevity in someplaces of the world. |
| |Identify and state changes in technology and trends in modern medicineimproving health. |
| |Identify theories on the causes and cures of certain diseases.|
|Languages Objectives: |Use mind maps to recognize reading structure from the text “The Secrets of aVery Long Life.” |
| |Spot main ideas and specific information about claims for unusual longevity inpeople around the world. |
| |Recognize supporting details using punctuation and connecting adverbs.|
| |Distinguish facts and opinions about health care and modern medicine.|
| |Summarize main ideas and supporting details using mind maps for the text Claims toAmazing Health. |
|Learning Objectives: |Apply the learning strategy Selective Attention to identify specific information from areading. |
| |Apply the learning strategy Group/Classify to organize and visualize understanding of ideas...
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