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What's the single most important thing
you must know to be successful on your
upcoming test? Even if you know how
to solve every problem and have mastered
all the material covered, if you don't know
how to do this one thing, you'll still fail your
test miserably.

Manage Your Time

You have to be able to manage your time
efficiently in order to pace yourselfthrough
every question and each section.

Does this sound familiar?

You're in the middle of the stress-filled test
taking environment and are stuck on a
difficult problem near the end of a section.
To make matters worse, you've got
4 minutes and 21 seconds available and
7 more problems to work. How much time
should you spend on each question?

That's one math problem you shouldn'thave
to solve!

The solution is simple. You need an
unobtrusive way to keep track of how
much time you can spend per question,
so that you can focus on what's important:
answering questions correctly.

If you're interested in something that can
do just that for your specific test, please
go to:

I think you'll agree it would be a huge
help foryour upcoming test.


In the process of preparing for your upcoming test, it is critical that
you use a
variety of sources. Most test takers will learn a few important
techniques from
one study guide, and may pick up something entirely different from
another study
guide. Because everyone learns differently, we feel that it's
important to
consider the reviewof multiple study guides before you take your test.

One additional study guide that we recommend is APEX Prep's study
guide, called

They have an excellent support and customer
service team, as well as a great study guide.

If you're interested in this study guide, please go to:


An important learning in ASVAB Secretsis our emphasis on the use of
tests to really master the test-taking techniques.

We have been really impressed with the work done at a little company
called Test
Prep Research, and they have recently released a set of five ASVAB

If you'd like to learn more about these practice
tests, please go here:


I appreciate your signing up for our series of special
reports on how ASVAB Secrets can help you crack
the toughest problems on the test. Let's get started!

Sample Question from the Word Knowledge Test:

Louisa's reverence for her father's intellect was
_______ by her impatience with his unworldliness.

A. supported
B. augmented
C. encouraged
D. tempered

Let's lookat a couple of different methods of
solving this problem, using some of the techniques
further explained in detail in ASVAB Secrets.

1. Understand What to Expect

Before you have read any of the answer choices and
begin to stumble over some of the complicated
vocabulary words used in the answer choices, see if
you can predict what the answer might be, based on
the information providedto you in the problem
sentence. You aren't trying to guess the exact word
that might be in the correct answer choice, but only
the type of word that you should expect. Is it a
positive word, negative word, etc.

Ask yourself what sort of words would likely fill
the blank provided. The blank comes directly before
a description of her impatience with her father over
his unworldliness. Herfather's intellect is a positive
attribute, the unworldliness is a negative. The
missing word is a verb that allows a transition
between these two, somehow reconciling the
positive and negative aspects of her father's

Now that you have an idea of what to expect in a
correct answer choice, review the choices provided.
"Supported" is positive, not a transition word,
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