Augmented Reality Video Used To Target Online Shoppers

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US discount chain Target has turned to some Hollywood talent to produce its latest promotional video, ‘Falling for You’.
The US-basedretailer Target has released a Hollywood-produced series of film shorts via its website, spending an undisclosed amount on a campaign it hopes will rejuvenate itsailing image.

The film, starring actress Kirsten Bell and directed by Phil Abraham (of Mad Men renown), is packed with Target products. The theory here is that customersmight continue on to shop for a product they see in action on-screen. Perhaps nothing revolutionary – but the associated Hollywood names might be enough to draw plenty ofeyes.

Entitled, ‘Falling for You‘, the 12-minute romantic comedy is pitched to support Target’s current ‘Fall For’ marketing campaign and is packed with itsprivate-label products, with more than 100 appearing throughout the film.

While the idea itself doesn’t appear particularly novel, the success of any video campaign in retail– particularly online – is usually in the execution. In that case, Target may be on the mark by spending up on a little Hollywood gold. However the integration ofsocial and conversional links allows the film to go to the next level, becoming something closer to true video commerce.

Amy Koo, an analyst at Kantar Retail, believesthat this marketing gambit is also positioned to help breathe life into Target’s ailing digital image, as the discount retailer has begun to suffer from perceptions ofbeing an online laggard.

“They’re trying to bring ‘expect more’ to the website,” Koo said, according to Businessweek. “The site now is more just getting it done.”
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