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In the year of 1770, Captain James Cook landed at the Botany Bay, Australia found its place on the world map. Prior to this discovery,the “aboriginals” who are supposed to belong to oneof the oldest civilizations inhabited this vast area of landmass.
Australia began as a British penal colony in the eignteenth century.
Today, Australia is a federation of six states and twoterritories, each having a parliament of its own. It became united on 1 st January 1901.
Australia is an island continent located in the southern hemisphere is Famous for the sun, sand, surf along withwildlife, national parks and wetlands,

The most popular and visited cities of Australia are:.
* Melbourne, the second largest city of Australia.
* Adelaide, a city known for its colonialarchitecture, food, wine and quiet surroundings.
* Canberra, federal capital of Australia
* Brisbane took its name from the Brisbane River which runs through the city
* Sydney, known for theiconic Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge to the open-air cinemas .

Australia  has a rich and varied vegetation. It possesses some of the rarest varieties of flowers, it also has rich reserves ofhuge mineral deposits contributing to the prosperity of the country, is the highest producer of Opal and Black Opal. The Australian wildlife is full of rare animals and birds. The birdslike Kookaburra and Kingfisher are quite common. Kangaroo is the most abundant animal and is also the national animal of the country. Australia is often referred as the “Land of the Kangaroos. 

 Australia isslowly becoming a land of the immigrants .
Although English is the official language, the Australians speak in a version of their own, difficult for the tourists to understand at first. The currency ofAustralia is Australian Dollar. 
The Australia National Flag has three parts
* The Union Jack (British flag) in the top left corner * The 'Star of Federation' in the bottom left corner and...
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