Benjamin buttom

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Benjamin Buttom

Benjamín Button is born with a physical aparence of sevety years old, when his father visits him gets really scare of his apperance and he is able to speak. Benjamin´s fatherforces him to shave his beard and to dye his hair to look younger, he also force him to play with other kids. Benjamin does all this things even though he dosent like it and he ejoys more talking with hisgrandfather, or smoking but he does them without complaining.

When the story gets a little bit further you can see how benjamin is getting younger and when he is eighteen he goes to YaleUniversity (but he looks a lot older), where the officials at Yale didnt belive he was the age he said he was because he run out of hair dye that day.

Some years later he went to a party with his father,and Benhamin met a young girl, who was the daughter of the civil general. This women told Benjamin she prefers to be with an old man because he know better how treat womens, they fall in love veryquickly and got married.

Benjamin takes over his fathers bussnises proving to be a hard working person. As the time goes by Benjamin feels better and younger, but his wife and everyone else are gettingold so he decides to fight in the spanish-american war. When he comes back from this world, with honors, for him his wife is not longer attractive and he oftens leaves the house to go to dances orclubs. Some years later Benjamin turns the control of the compani to Roscoe, his soon, and he goes to Harvard, now he has de apperance of a twenty year old. The first year goes great for him but by thetime the years are passing for bejamin is more hard to keep up with the levels of the clases and is having troubles playing football.

When Benjamin returns home he discovers that his wife has moveto Italy and as the years are going he goes from a teenager to a boy. His son has to take care of him. And not only his body is getting younger also his mind, he start playing with the toys earlies...
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