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Barack Hussein Obama Jr. he/she was born August 4 1961 in Honolulu, Hawai. Their father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr, born in Kenya and their mother, Shirley Ana Dunham, natural of Kansas, they were known in the island and they decided to form a family there. Hardly two years after the birth of the small Barack, their father abandoned them to study a scholarship of Economy in Harvard. Later, he/shewould leave to Kenya to work for the government of the African country and Obama he/she only see their father in an occasion again.

Their mother married an administrator of petroleum indonesio, and Barack then she left to the 6 years to live to Yakarta. There it attended a Catholic school, being Protestant and in a country of Muslim majority, a paradox more in their life.

To the 10years, Obama returned to Honolulu and it was raised by its grandparents. It would remain in the island of the Pacific until the 19 years, when he/she left to study Political Sciences in the University of Columbia, in New York. During a couple of years he/she carried out community works collaborating with ONG of the Church and later he/she decided to study Right in the University of Harvard,graduating cum awards". There it got the first landmark in their career: to be able to be the first Afro-American in presiding over the noted right magazine ' Harvard Law Review'.

In 1988, an editorial offered him the possibility to publish its memoirs, and Obama it traveled to Kenya to look for its roots. Fruit of the trip was born ' Dreams of my padre' that saw the light in 1995, and in the onethat Barack admits, among other things, to have consumed marijuana and some blow of cocaine during its youth.

With a brilliant career, their biographical singularity and their wide perspective on the racial diversity and the big challenges of the world, he didn't lack the offers of the best bufettes in lawyers of the country, but Obama he/she preferred to give classes of Constitutional Rightin Harvard and to be devoted to fight for the defense of the civil rights.

As for their political trajectory that doesn't embrace more than 10 years, it began being chosen federal deputy by a district of Illinois, Chicago that agglutinated to the university vote and of the popular layers. From a first moment he/she was distinguished to be an enfervorizado defender of the social politiciansthat you/they would be the flag of their campaign toward the Senate.

To the Senate it would arrive in November of 2004, after conquering other six democratic candidates (better positioned that him) in the primary of the party, making the same thing made in front of the conservative candidate, to which conquered with almost 70% of the votes. In one year in that their party lost thepresidential ones, Obama was located like an upward star.

Their potent one oratorical, their contagious smile, their social speech, their credibility and their easiness to conquer to the electorate and to cross the ideological lines of race and of class, uniting the voters in one, they were their main weapons.

Entetanto, the new face", nickname with which was treated by press and political,he/she was also devoted to their family and he/she married Michelle Obama, with which had two daughters: Malia, born in 1999, and Shasa, two years minor.

The democrats put in him their hopes and they took charge him the central speech of the Convention of the party taken place in Boston, also in 2004. In the same one, their call to the hope, to the unit of the democrats and to continuebelieving in the American dream", he/she made the assistants of their seats lift. Many began to project in the Afro-American their hopes of occupying the White House again and you even ended up comparing their intervention with the speech I have to dream" (I Have a dream") of Martín Luther King in 1958, in which loaded against the slavery and the secession. It was baptized, then, like a glistening...
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