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Workshop about the new inventions.
1. What invention do you think has had the greatest impact on society? Why?
* the computer , because the computer gives us many good things as the internet toinvestigate, play or communicate with other people that is so far and be able to see them. I like the computer and I think it help the world to be able to see that each person writes and able to putcolor and I think that the computer is a more advanced machine than the typewriter.
2. Do you have an e-mail account? What do you use it for? How often do you check it?
* yes i have an e-mail,i use my e-mail to communicate with my friends and also to receive emails. I check my email every week or when I can get in it all depends on my behavior.
3. In what ways has technology improvedour lives? In what ways has it made life worse?
* To better our lives because it helps us learn and see our work and also for lot of fun playing. And also we are the worse because there are many ofchildren and adolescents that by being in the computer do not work and young childrens who cannot provide data and information to deceive the internet and can steal I n there house or beat up.4. Imagine that you could only use one of the following: a computer, a telephone, or a car. Which one would you use and why?
* I would use the computer because in the computer you can play, you cansee movies, you can speak with other persons, you can investigate and you can now what happen to a person without telephone.
5. How has the internet changed the way you live?
* the internetchange my life to so good because I can investigate so fast and the internet change some part of my life to bad because the internet is so good sometimes I not do homeworks.

6. Are there some thingsthat never should have invented? What are they and why?
* The dvd : that thing never has to be invented so we can see movies on the computer and besides almost all the dvd´s come out bad.
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