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This anthology will discuss the most important writers of history and refrexion of each

Cesar Vallejo

One of the most important poets of the twentieth century isundoubtedly the Peruvian Cesar Vallejo (1892-1938), born into a family with Indian roots and Spanish in Santiago de Chuco, knew from childhood poverty, but also warmth of home, away from the orphanage which was incurable. His parents were Don Francisco Vallejo and Mrs. Santos Mendoza. Had a large family of 11 children.
Study Arts at the National University of Trujillo, where he received the stimulus
 of "bohemia" formed by local journalists, writers and political rebels. Political and intellectual experiences shared with the group North that made Antenor Orrego, José Eulogio Garrido, Alcides Spelucín, among others. He also writes in the newspaper "La Reforma" and teaches at the school, "San Juan" where he was later master writer Ciro Alegría.

In 1915 he obtained a Bachelor's degree withhis thesis "The romanticism in Spanish literature." In Trujillo published his first poems before arriving in Lima in late 1917. In this city is his first book, The Black Heralds (printed in 1918, circulated in 1919), one of the most representative examples of postmodernism.

Motivated by the love he professed for his mother, returns to his homeland, where he is wrongly accused for arson and wasjailed for 112 days, but thanks to pressure from the intellectuals of the time, he got his freedom. Trilce published in 1922, a year later published some prose. This work is considered crucial in the renovation of Spanish American poetic language, made a harrowing and disconcerting immersion into the depths of the human condition that have never before been explored.

In 1923 he traveled toParis, where he intensified his literary and journalistic. From there collaborates with journals in his home country as: "Present", "Variety" and "Amauta." Magazine published in France the "Pro" and works in the Journal de Paris. The Paris years were of extreme poverty and severe physical and moral suffering. Join with friends and Huidobro, Gerardo Diego, Juan Larrea, and Juan Gris in biascutting-edge activities.
By 1927 appears firmly committed to Marxism and its intellectual and political activism. Enrolled in the Communist Party of Spain (1931), in the same year he published his novel "Tungsten" and was named correspondent, follows closely the actions of the Civil War and moved by this war written her third book "Spain, away from this cup from me ", published in 1939 printed byRepublican soldiers. In 1937 he attended the Anti-Fascist Writers' Congress in Madrid. Some years later he returned to Paris, where he died (as predicted in one of his poems) a rainy Friday, 15 April 1938. In 1939 he edited, posthumously, the "Human Poems".

His remains were buried in the cemetery of Mountrouge. But look who's grave in the cemetery Mountrouge Vallejo (Red Hill) did not find there. In1970 he left the company of his fellow mourners of the "working class" of Mountrouge and was taken to the cemetery Montparnasse (Mount Parnassus) of the haute bourgeoisie of Paris.
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Antoine de saint

Antoine Marie Roger de Saint Exupery, French writer and aviator. He was born on June 29, 1900 in Lyon. Orphaned at theage of two went, along with his four brothers, much of his childhood in the castle of his maternal grandparents. He was educated in Jesuit schools and later studied at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. Obsessed with aviation from an early age, he carried his military service in the French Air Force in 1921.
Pressured by his then fiancee, left the aircraft engaging in other less hazardous...
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