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Gabriela Nagai Moreno
Roger Federer
He was born in 1981 on Switzerland he is a professional tennis player, he is the number 1 on de ATP ranking. He is the only one in the active players that havewon the 4 tournaments of Grand Slam.
His parents Robert Federer that is also Swiss and his mother Lynette Du Rand that is South-African, He is married since April of this year to Miroslava “Mirka”Vavrinec they met on de 2000 Olympics, she was also a tennis player but she retired since 2002 because of an injury on her foot, and has been working as Federer´s public relations manager. On July 23rd,of this year Federer and Mirka had given birth to twin girls Myla Rose and Charlene Riva.
He started to play tennis since he was six years old, but he also practice football until the age of 12 thathe decided to focused totally on the tennis. At the age of 14 he became the national champion. He joined the ITF junior tennis circuit in July 1996, and in 1998 he won the junior Wimbledon title. Andwas recognized as the ITF Junior Tennis Champion of the year.
On 2003 he founded the Roger Federer´s Foundation that is dedicated to finance different humanitarian projects directed to children andto South-Africa. On 2005 he coordinated the program of help for the victims if the tsunami on 2004 and had played a lot of benefit tournaments for that cause. He has auctioned lot of his singedrackets to the beneficent of the UNICEF, and had participated on the campaigns about the AIDS. On April of 2006 was the first Swiss named GOODWILL AMBASSADOR by the UNICEF, on the same year he was distingueby the foundation prize of “Kinderlachen” (children laughing)
He is the only one on the history of tennis that has won 15 titles of Grand Slam, Pete Sampras used to have the record of 14 grandslams, Since February 2nd 0f 2004 he was the number 1 on the ATP ranking and he stay in that positions for 237 consecutive weeks until August 18th 2008, He also is the winner of 16 tournaments of ATP...
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