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Biology Laboratory

7 essay tubes
Glucose- Sugar

5ml of Venedi solution
Copper sulfate

1- In achemistry glass we have to put a lot of sugar, later add 5ml of Venedi solution and wait 102 minutes with the warm water and look the change of color. 5 drops of Venedi.
2- Put the glucose and thecopper sulfate and put it to fire for see the differences.
3- Take 3 tubes and put in each one 3 drops of: water, oil, and water with sugar. Later add to each one 5 drops of each of thesolutions, and observe the differences.
4- Many sugar in a chemistry glass and 5ml of water, combine it.

1- It doesn’t change its color after 2 minutes only incremented a littleits color from a light yellow to a darker one, and then we add more sugar to the solution and its color change to a light green.
2- The water and the oil weren’t combined with any solution, thewater with sugar we add 5 drops of Venedi: It doesn’t change its color in any moment. Water with sugar and 5 drops of Wright solution: It looks like mini particles moving at it around in the deeper partof the tube. Sugar with water with million solutions: We add more sugar and it get hot and heavy like the Venedi; the change was when more sugar added and turns green.
3- Oil with Wrightsolution: The oil moves to the bottom and don’t mix with the solution and looks pink. Oil with Million solutions: Also it go to the bottom and when it got hot were oil bubbles.

Biology LaboratoryCells

Look the differences between animal and plant cells.

Animal cells:
Muscle: Is red and looks like dispersed blood.

Frog blood: Are joint in the middle and it moves.Elastic cartilage: It looks like a coral with many points and red lines.

Reptile blood: Are joint in the middle and is very transparent.

Spermatozoids: It looks like something purple triturated....
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