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Good form and bel design

If the 1950s were a decade of new beginings , the 60s definitly saw the consumation of the postwar reconstruction and became a time of prosperity.
New technologieswere being developed and by the end of the decade , human beings had walked on the moon.
Scientific advances and prosperity had a strong impact on American and European designers. Peoplestarted to buy more appliances and houses as well.
Designers stopped looking for inspiration in arts and started to find it in technologies, science and methods of production.
In germany thefunctionalism , represented by the ulm academy for design , brought about a rectangular formalism that wasnt accpeted by everyone and brought some criticism by the middle of the decade.
In the otherhand italy ,supported by the increasing consumption, became the leading design nation , due to its strong export economy . The succes of its exports ,stimulated the joy in experimentation and made thebig companies recognize the importance of design .

Good form and neo functionalism

As said before the Ulm Academy had strong repercusions , the functionalism taught there turned “good form”into a stylistc principle adopted by several institutions all over Europe and America, these schools used to teach “good form “ almost as a dogma. The products designed at the Ulm academy became asynonim of “good form”, and desgners started to think of themselves more as engineers than creators , at this point is when the field of ergonomic emerged.
Even though the principles of the schoolwere not know for everyone, rectangular shapes made their way into massive production , in part because simpler forms were easier to produce , so objects got harder and also less imaginative.Thistype of design became boring soon and quite problematic, cause it was a “simple solution” that turned out to be just a thoughtless .

Aside from germany case , italy also expirienced a period...
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