Body language

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Body Language and Non Verbal Communication
Non verbal communication is all about putting across your thoughts and feelings even without saying a word. At the time of a conversation, one receives andsends various kinds of signals. The way one talks, sits, walks or even makes eye-contact says a lot about the person’s state of mind and his/her inner feelings. Knowing all about correct bodygestures and body language can help you communicate better with others. Non verbal communication comprises of signs and gestures that one uses at the time of communicating. Body language, on the other hand,is more about facial expressions, body postures, eye movements as well as the person’s attitude and emotions. When communicating non-verbally, it is important to pay extreme heed to the facialexpressions and gestures. Remember, the vaguer or ambiguous your body language is, the higher the chances of your messages being misconstrued. Therefore, it is important to know how to use the non-verbalsigns and symbols effectively. Non verbal communication has a big role to play when it comes to communicating with someone. For example -- at the time of an interview, the interviewer tries to find allabout the interviewee by taking a note of his/her body language like posture, gesture, eye contact and so on. Read below about the different forms of body language used for better and effectivecommunication.
Various Forms Of Body Language And Non-Verbal Communication
Facial Expressions
Your face is an open-book, the biggest giveaway of your inner thoughts and feelings. For example, a smileindicates happiness, while a soft smile denotes cheerfulness. A rigid smile, however, indicates contempt or lack of interest. Similarly nodding of head indicates agreement and disagreement. Thesecommon reflexes help one to gauge other person’s mood or state of mind.
Eye Contact
Eye contact is an important mode of non-verbal communication. The movement of the eye and the way you stare at...
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