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The book Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson, is a fiction pirate story, in which we see the treachery and dishonor of the “fortunate men” (how they call themselves). You areabout to enter an adventure that will get you in the midst of the seas, on a treasure island. Follow Jim Hawkins in the journey of his life, which started some a strange visitor to hishouse.
Jim lived at an inn, where he worked as well. One day, a seaman came to the place and told Jim to keep an eye on any other buccaneer that may come. One day, a blind man visited thisseaman, with the black spot, a symbol of death. When the blind man left, the seaman (“Billy Bones”) fell dead to the ground. Jim searched his possessions and got some papers. Later thatnight, the pirates came to search the inn for them, but Jim and his mother had left with them. After some time, they went to Dr. Livesey, and, with Squire Trelawney, decide to go insearch of it.
They get their crew, among which there was Long John Silver, and parted for the treasure. In the trip, Jim overheard a conversation of Silver with another crew member inwhich they were planning mutiny. Jim told the leaders, and they decided to wait. When they arrived to the island the battle between the two groups began. The doctor, Squire, the captain,Jim, and some others got a stockade as a fortress. The battle was also in the boat, where Jim had sneaked in. He made his way out, even with Hands, a pirate, trying to kill him.
You mayimagine what happened next. Silver and his men went for the treasure, but it wasn´t there anymore. In the cave they were ambushed by our heroes, who left the island with the treasure, andleft them there with some food and armory.
This was a good book; I would recommend it to many people. It is a little boring at the beginning, but it gets more exciting every page.
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