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James and the Giant Peach Book Report


1. Where did this story take place?

R= James and the Giant Peach is placed first in England on a really tall hill where James lived with his aunts and where the peach start growing (on the tree) and then fell, and go through the hill, the city and fell on the sea. Then in a very huge peach that fly through the Atlantic Ocean, from Englandto America (New York City) handed to seagulls.


2. Who were the main characters?

R= James Henry Trotter – A boy whose parents die eaten by a rhinoceros and lived three years with his horrible aunts, and then enter in a hole new adventure on a giant peach and with seven giant insects.

Old-Green-Grasshopper – As large as a large dog, green, musician, and the oldest of thegroup. Really intelligent and with a big ability to play music of any kind.

Miss Spider- Big, kindly with James, makes silk and nylon. Really important in the story cause she helps making the silk to tie the seagulls.

Glow-Worm – Lazy, he is the light (like a lamp) in the trip. Like a lady fireflies without wings.

Earthworm – The biggest, fattest, pinkest, juiciest Earthworm inthe world, an angry worm that never smiles and even laughs.

Silkworm – Lazy, he helps (with the spider) to tie the seagulls. Thick and white.

Ladybird – Giant with nine black spots and with the shell red. She is really kind and female; he had many children and gets married with the Head of the Fire Department.

Centipede – An insect with forty-two feet, really vain; uses always hisboots and is really vain.

Aunt Spiker –Lean and tall and bony, and she wore steel-rimmed spectacles that fixed on to the end of her nose with a clip. She had a screeching voice and long wet narrow lips, and whenever she got angry or excited, little flecks of spit would come shooting out of her mouth.

Aunt Sponge –Enormously fat and very short. She had small piggy eyes, a sunken mouth,and one of those white flabby faces that looked exactly as though it had been boiled. She was like a great white soggy over boiled cabbage.


3. What was the action in the story? What gave the story a beginning, middle, and end?
R= One day James Henry Trotter was working on something her aunts tell him to do and suddenly, behind him, James heard a rustling of leaves, and he turnedround and saw an old man in a funny dark-green suit emerging from the bushes. He was a very small old man, but he had a huge bald head and a face that was covered all over with bristly black whiskers. He stopped when he was about three yards away, and he stood there leaning on his stick and staring hard at James.
When he spoke, his voice was very slow and creaky. “Come closer to me, little boy”, hesaid, beckoning to James with a finger. “Come right up close to me and I will show you something wonderful”.
James was too frightened to move.
The old man hobbled a step or two nearer, and then he put a hand into the pocket of his jacket and took out a small white paper bag.
“You see this?” he whispered, waving the bag gently to and in front of James`s face. “You know what this is, my dear?You know what is inside this little bag?
Then he came nearer still, leaning forward and pushing his face so close to James that James cold feel breath blowing on his cheeks. The breath smelled musty and stale and slightly mildewed, like air in an old cellar.
“Take a look, my dear”, he said, opening the bag and tilting it towards James. Inside it, James could see a mass of tiny green things thatlooked like little stones or crystals, each one about the size of a grain of rice. They were extraordinarily beautiful, and there was a strange brightness about them, a sort of luminous quality in the most wonderful way.
“Listen to them! The old man whispered. “Listen to them move!”
James stared into the bag, and sure enough there was a faint rustling sound coming up from inside it, and then he...
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