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jbw's Coyote page

jbw's Coyote Linux add-ons & tips
try My name is Janusz B. Wisniewski, I'm Polish programmer and Linux administrator. Coyote is a single floppydistribution of Linux designed for the sole purpose of sharing an Internet connection. The animal coyote is small, smart, and very vital. Coyote Linux was designed to run from floppy disk, but diskettecontents is so volatile that we couldn't guess if it can boot up next time. Instead of FDD, I'm using CF memory card with CF-to-IDE (1 2) adapter and IDE-enabled version of Coyote v2.16 with busyboxenhancements taken from Claudio's Coyote site. Great thanks, Claudio! My typical Coyote host is an ancient P120 machine underclocked to 90MHz to minimize power consumption. I have recycled the hardwarefrom junk. I've replaced processor fan with big black Celeron's heatsink and cut off the power supply fan because of very low power needs, resulting totally quiet and more failure-resistant computer.So far, I have made 6 such boxes and they are working very well.

Loging into Coyote as root from Windows box, using cryptographic key
Do you feel comfortable when log-in as root, typing password,with a couple of guys standing behind your back? Somebody can steal, sniff or simply guess your password. I hate this! The best way to eliminate passwords' weakness is not to use them at all. Mytypical Coyote box has no display, so I'm using my personal notebook plugged into Coyote's LAN and SSH client to talk with Coyote. If you have similar situation, you can try this: 1. Download a littlemycfg.tgz package, put it on your Coyote disk and boot it up. 2. Prepare MS Windows box (notebook) connected to Coyote's LAN: Install the recent version of PuTTY suite for Windows. Run PuTTYgen, generate"SSH2 RSA" Save private key in safe place Copy "public openSSH key" to clipboard (do NOT use "Save public key" button) Run Pageant and load your private key (you have to use password, but only once...
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