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Andrés Cepeda Biography
The guitarist/vocalist of popular Colombian rock band Polygamy during the late '80s and early '90s, Andres Cepeda has remained active in the music scene of his homeland.Although he spent two years in the United States studying sound engineering following the group's disbanding, he resumed his place in the music of Colombia upon his return. In addition to producing albumsby Colombian artists including Carolina Sabino and Marbelle, and serving as musical producer of the television soap opera El Amor Es Mas Fuerte (My Love Is Stronger), he has recorded two impressivesolo albums -- Se Morir and El Carpintero -- since 2000. The youngest of five brothers, Cepeda studied piano with Ruth Marulanda from the age of five. ~ Craig Harris, All Music Guide

Andrés Cepedais a Colombian singer-songwriter. Born in Bogota on July 7, 19,731 and began his musical career as the lead singer of Polygamy, a group of Latin Rock - pop that he founded with some friends as ateenager and was successful in the 1990s. After Polygamy was disbanded, Andrés Cepeda continued his musical career as a solo artist trying to find success in various genres such as bolero and romanticballads and other genres. He was nominated for his album "To love you better" Latin Grammy in the "Best Male Pop Vocal Album" .2 3

In 2011 Andrés Cepeda was Shock Award nominee in two categories: Bestdvd recorded live and Shock Artist of the decade.

    1 Discography
        1.1 With Polygamy
        1.2 As a soloist
    2 Charts
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DiscographyWith Polygamy

    A Song (1993)
    Twists and Turns (1995)
    Promotal 500mg (1996)
    "Good Thanks - Many Nights" (1998)

As a soloist

    Be Dying (1999)

    Topics:            1. Be Dying
            2. It's not you
            3. Embrujo
            4. I'm
            5. Mortal Sin
            6. Some more
            7. Grey Day
            8. Certain Things...
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