Buen Día

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The kid in the factory

Once I started working in the factory, my mom got sick so my little sister started

to work. My sister started working in the factory with me. She is pretty young to workat someplace like in the factory. I was really sick of working in the factory, if I was

exhausted they started to hit till I started to work. I could see all the kids being hit by theupper once.

In my whole life I wished to be free with my family and that my mom were

cured, but can that be possible? In my life I’d never saw a kid or a family escaping to be

free and if myfamily do something like that I am imagining us all dead by the winter.

In the factory I made some friends they are so nice they had helped with some

medicine they had, to my mom. In thefactory we can’t see each other but when the

factory ends, we go home together and we eat dinner together talking about the

big face that the owner has, we make fun of him.

The next day I saw aboy crying and begging to help his whole family. He didn’t

get help the only thing he got was a big snap. The boy couldn’t stop crying. When the

owner was gone, I saw the boy and ask him ifhe was all right? He just stand up and

got away.

The whole week had past, I was still worried about that boy in these weeks I

couldn’t see him or talk to him. Next day the owner saw the boydead in front of his

office, the owner got shocked and we all moved to another factory.

By going to the new factory everyone had to leave there home and everything,

they just packed theirclothes.

In the new factory it was almost everything destroyed, the owner started

shouting -“Get this mess out of here! ”When the kids hear the owner shout everyone

started to working. Ireally hated my job. I saw my sister being tired, suddenly I saw the

owner walking towards her.

I saw how he slapped my sister; I really wanted to hit the owner but when I saw

my sister...
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