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1 Use the telephone only for emergency calls. Listen to the radio for information and collaborate with the recommendations.
2 When the alarm of the building, indicate the start of theevacuation of the building, do it calmly, carefully and order, follow the instructions in the brigade.
3 If trapped stay calm, try to make noise with objects.
4 Staff should meet in the points meetingpreviously established for each of the various offices located in the building, right there shall be passed
5 Do not light matches or use electrical appliances to ensure that no
6 Do not spread rumors.Wait indications of the brigade and authorities.

3 C

What to do in an earthquake?

PREVENTION AND SHARES IN AN EARTHQUAKEThe experience gained over time, to present a natural phenomenon or technology, has shown that in addition to the significant human cost social and economic costs are very high and therefore reliefaction and back to normal are more complex everyday y domiciles to apply, so it is of great importance to foster a coordinated manner, in the public sector, actions preventive type that help to preventand mitigate possible disaster.
To meet basic needs security invites you to follow the following recommendations:

1 Inform the administrative area of ​​dependence when identifying shabbyfacilities.
2 Identify the safest place and less vulnerable in the building, the main outputs etc.
3 Locate the first aid kit inside your unit.
4 Have on hand: telephone numbers, a portable radio andflashlight with batteries.
5 Inform the administrative area, if necessary fixed to the wall: shelves, tables, cabinets, shelves, mirrors and bookcases.

1 Stay calm, do not let panic takeover. Reassure people
2 Go to safe places already established; Cover Head with both hands.
3 Do not use elevators in case of earthquake.
4 Stay away from heavy objects such as shelves, tables,...
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