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After William the conqueror died, one of his sons became king. He was called William Rufus because he had a red face. He loved hunting, so one day he went huntingand he was afraid because he had a bad dream. He dreamed that a doctor let out some of his blood out of his body and that it had flowed to the sky.

He had twobrothers. Henry got the royal treasure and he went to London, were he was crowned. Robert agreed with William that if he died, Robert became king. But it was too latebecause Henry was already king.

After some years Henry had a battle with Robert and Henry won. And he sent Robert to prison and he died.

the biggestbuilding in a town is usually a church. It seems strange because services were all in Latin, but some people didn’t understand latin. And there were statues andpictures to help them understand. Life was hard for peasants , because hunger and disease was common. But church helped to comfort them. The village priests were poormen. Their parents had been peasants too. And they had to learn the services because they couldn’t write. Peasants had to give their priest one part of their food theygrew, this was called tithe.


Some men could become a monk. They decided to cut themselves off from the everyday world and spent life praising god. Thispeople were called monks and they went to live in a monastery. To become a monk they had to make three promises known as vows. Those are: *Never to have anything ofhis own. *Never to get married. * Obey his abbot who was the head monk.

Monasteries were for men. Women who wanted to devote their lives to god went to nunneries.
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