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The nuclear danger

Cavani Jose Rios. Journalist

A few days ago we witnessed the dangers of the uncontrolled nuclear energy as a result of a natural disaster. However, their destructive power is multiplied in response to damage military targets and "collateral" that this job entails, are irreversible.
Faced with this serious risk, the international community should initiate an open processof nuclear disarmament.
The existence of about 23 000 nuclear weapons in the world (47 thousand less than he had during the Cold War) represents an excess to the needs of the world, including in the field of international security, becoming instead , in destabilizing factor in some regions and growing threat to world peace.
Among the nations with nuclear power are the long tradition of democracylike the United States, France and the UK. To accompany these developing nations, or that they have disputes with their neighbors. For example: Russia, China, North Korea and Israel. The paradox here is that if they all decided to initiate a process of dismantling its nuclear arsenal, would face a serious environmental impact, mainly.
On the other hand, according to UN reports, Latin Americacould be considered a region free of nuclear weapons, given their undeniable fulfillment of its commitment to denuclearization.
While this may be a model for other areas of the world, represents both a commitment of our leaders to encourage a frank process to promote disarmament, non proliferation of nuclear weapons and state initiatives to promote trust. So far, the best way to get results in thisarea is still under the umbrella of the United Nations.

German press located in eleven Claudio Pizarro ideal Bundes LeagueLunes, 22 de Agosto 2011 | 12:02 pm

The 'Bomber' again making news in Germany after being considered by critics sport in that country. It was the only Peruvian contained in the ideal. Claudio Pizarro got his new car from Volkswagen | RPP

His entry to theFreiburg helped him return to being considered by critics German sports. The soccer player Claudio Pizarro was placed in the starting ideal Bundes league play after the third round of the championship. As recalled, the last Saturday of the 'Bomber' scored the second goal for Werder Bremen, who eventually prevailed 5-3 to the developed the ideal of the German championship and placed thePeruvian line of attack by the Argentine Raul Bobadilla. Furthermore, this explains why electronic media considered the 'Bomber'. "Pizarro was a constant source of instability in the defense of Freiburg. If necessary, also helped out the back (...) completely exhausted, replaced by loud applause, "he said.

Joke ( youk )
- Do you know why the ocean is blue?

- Because fish make blue, blue,blue, blue...
(- ¿Sabes por qué el mar es azul?

- Dado que los peces hacen blue, azul, azul, azul...)

- Mum, mum, in school everybody tells me that I'm confused!
- Hey, kid, this is not your house... you live opposite the street!
( - Mamá, mamá, en la escuela todo el mundo me dice que estoy confundido!

- Oye, chico, este no es tu casa... que vive enfrentede la calle! )

Cultura maya

The Mayans were a sedentary people was located geographically in the territory of southern Mexico, Guatemala and elsewhere in Central America. It is especially important their presence and influence in the territories of present Guatemala and Belize, with a rich history of 3,000 years. The ancient Maya were one of the pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures.
TheMaya builds great temples and cities as Nakbé, San Bartolo (in the northern Petén), Tikal, Palenque, Copan, Calakmul, and Uaxactun, Piedras Negras. The monuments of the Mayan Most notable are the pyramids they built in their religious centers.
In this blog, we present the Mayan culture in Different headings are: Maya History, Religion, The Arts, Architecture, Mathematics, and finally The Decline...
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