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The history of car:
The history of the car begins with self-propelled by steam eighteenth century, being in 1885 when it created the first internal combustion engine with gasoline. It is dividedinto a series of stages marked by major technological milestones.
Cugnot Nicholas-Joseph (1725-1804), mechanical, military engineer, French writer and inventor, was the big step, to build a steam car(see photo), originally designed for towing artillery. The Fardier, as he called Cugnot, began circulating through the streets of Paris in 1769. It was riding a tricycle on the front wheel a boilerand a two-cylinder vertical and 50 liters of displacement, the front wheel tractor and guideline was to turn the two cylinders working directly on it. In 1770 he built a second model, larger than thefirst, and that could carry 4.5 tonnes at a speed of 4 km / h. With this version was produced which could be considered 'first car accident' of history, to be impossible, the proper handling ofmonumental vehicle, which ended up crashing into a wall that collapsed the result of the mishap. Cugnot still had time to build a third version in 1771, which remains exposed today in the National TechnicalMuseum in Paris.
In 1784 William Murdoch built a model steam carriage and in 1801 Richard Trevithick drove a vehicle in Camborne (United Unido.1 These first vehicles were developed such innovationsas hand brakes, and wheel speeds.)
In 1815 Josef Bozek, built an engine car powered by aceite.2 Walter Hancock, in 1838, Robert Davidson built an electric locomotive which reached 6 km per hour.Between 1832 and 1839 Robert Anderson invented the first car driven by non-rechargeable electric cells.
Belgian Etienne Lenoir did run a car with internal combustion engine around 1860, powered by coalgas.
About 1870, in Vienna, the inventor Siegfried Marcus was operated internal combustion engine fuel base, known as the "First Marcus Car". In 1883, Marcus patented a low-voltage ignition was...
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