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Cause and Effect Outline

Hope for Ill People

Connecting information
In our time, there have arisen manyterminally ill people, but science is still trying to find a cure. HIV is a virus that damages human immune cells. It weakens the immune system and causes most people to develop AIDS. Like all viruses, HIVinfects cells of a living organism to make copies of itself. HIV can be transmitted only in certain ways and purpose. HIV is a virus found in blood and other body fluids such as semen and vaginalfluids.

Thesis statement
One of the reasons for contracting the AIDS virus is having sex without protection, have diversity of partners, and intravenous drug use.

The most common ways ofbecoming infected with HIV are: having sex with an infected person, and injecting drugs with a needle or syringe that has been used.
One in 100 adult’s aged between 15 and 40 is infected withHIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Only 1 in 10 people know they are infected. It is estimated that currently over 30 million people living with HIV infection. For the current year is expected to rise to40 million
The first test is usually done to detect the presence of the virus is known as ELISA - Enzyme Linked Immune-sorbent assay (immunoassay test) There are others but this is the mostcommon. This test, like any serological test does not recognize the virus, but the antibodies produced by the body to defend him. That is, if there are antibodies, viruses. Common denominator oftreatments currently applied is the combination of drugs antiretrovilares, commonly called "cocktail. " These "cocktails " replaced the traditional therapies of a single drug.
Not all multiplesimultaneous relationships are explained by tradition. Equally or more important are relationships in which young people sleep with older men for money, clothing or food or adolescents who are initiated...
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