Certificate in advanced english

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Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)
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Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)
One or both of the following texts may be read as preparation for the two optional set text tasks:2010–2011
From December 2008, when the updated CAE exam is introduced, questions on two set texts will be included on the writing paper with one text specific question on each.
• JohnSteinbeck: Of Mice and Men
• Donna Leon: Through a Glass, Darkly
• CEF level C1 CAE preparation course
• At the end of this level you can:
|[p|[p|[|express yourself fluently andspontaneously |
|] |] |i| |
| | |c||
| | |]||
|[p|[p|[|explain and justify opinions precisely and relate them to the contributions of others |
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