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Messrs. SADECOL SACOS DE COLOMBIA LTDA. C ARRERA 6 A NO. 29-32 Cali Colombia Vienna, 2006-04-18 GZ

1. TECHNICAL OFFER NO. 63-cosadeco-47 Item 1 RECOSTAR 45 COMPACT
Recycling machine for regranulating film, edge trim and thermoplastic waste of the following materials: PE, PE-LD, PE-LLD, PE-HD, dry, not printed and clean. The final product of this machine are uniform pellets filtered in a meltfilter and having a surface moisture of less than 0.1%. Via a feeding hopper, the waste is fed directly into a slowly running grinder, where the endless material strips are cut to small pieces and drawn directly into the extruder, where they are taken up in the inlet zone of the screw. The material is plasticized and homogenized in the extruder barrel and filtered in the melt filter. In thepelletizing head, the melt is pressed out through an orifice plate, cut off in hot condition by rotating knives, quenched and conveyed by airflow to a cyclone equipped with an outlet slider.

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The regranulating unit consists of the following components: GRINDER – EXTRUDER COMBINATION The grinder is mounted directly on the extruder, equipped with afeeding hopper that may be used for mounting an edge trim cyclone as well as a film inlet system. The edge trim cyclone is not included in Starlinger’s scope of supply. The edge trim feeding system incl. cyclone as point of transfer to the feeding hopper has to be provided by the customer. The grinder with knives is intended also for grinding in-house waste being produced in injection moulding andblow-forming. The rotor is equipped with special knives. Thanks to the curvature of the rotor knives in the circle of cut, the gap required for cutting is maintained even after sharpening. No time-consuming adjusting work is necessary. The idle times when changing knives are reduced considerably. The stationary knives can be turned 4 times and additionally sharpened. The rotor shaft has bearings onboth sides. On the basis of the modular construction, the diameter of the rotor shaft is provided for the maximum rotor width. The staggered arrangement of the rotor disks makes that there is always only a certain number of the knives working, which provides a higher cutting power. Thus, thanks to the high torque generated by the motor – gear combination, all machines of this series are suitablealso for grinding more compact materials (e.g. punching waste) and sprues. The extruder barrel is of a bimetallic design. The screw is nitride-hardened and armor-plated. The extruder screw plasticizes and homogenizes the material. The extruder screw is driven by V-belts and speed-controlled. The extruder is equipped with a melt pressure display. Remark: The edge trims have to be fed withoutpressure! Grinder Feed opening Rotor speed No. of rotary knives No. of stationary knives Rotor diameter Rotor width Housing inlet Drive power 410 x 410 ~150 30 2 180 290 270 x 290 4.0 mm rpm mm mm mm kW

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Extruder Output rate from 10 to 30 kg/h, depending on type, size, form, and feeding of the material to be used. Screw diameter (d) 45 mm Screw length24 d Screw speed 30-200 rpm Heating capacity 8 kW Nominal motor rating 11 kW

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FILTER SYSTEM Safety filter with 1 screen. For changing the screen, the extruder has to be stopped for approx. 5 minutes. Screen area Heating capacity Max. melt pressure PELLETIZING UNIT (AIR) The melt is pressed out through a vertical orifice plate, cut off in hotcondition by rotating knives and conveyed by airflow to the cyclone. Pelletizing head Max. capacity Heating capacity No. of knives Drive of knives COOLING CYCLONE The pellets transported by airflow will be blown into a cyclone serving as a cooling section for the pellets. Diameter TECHNICAL DATA: DIMENSIONS Length Width Height ELECTRICAL CONNECTION Connected load Voltage and frequency as...
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