Children of colombian conflict

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Children of Colombian Conflict
            Colombia is a beautiful country, but since the 1960’s violence there has increased. After the Sudan this country has the second largest crisis in theworld. Also, Colombia has been torn apart by wars between the government and other groups. Among these are the Colombian Armed Revolutionary Forces, The Paramilitaries, and the National Liberation Army.These groups have been active in the country for many years. They started as small groups, but now all three groups are big enough to destroy the country. Before the 1960’s these groups were pacifist,but as the years have passed they have changed their ideals and turned to violence, child recruitment, and extortion. In addition, members of these groups are kidnappers and drug traffickers; Colombiahas the second largest armed conflict involving children. In the past, people joined those groups because they wanted to; however, now these groups go to small villages and different regions outsidethe control of the Colombian police and army. The impact of this conflict in Colombia varies. It also affects children in rural areas, indigenous, Afro-Colombians, and those who have suffereddisplacement. Furthermore, these groups do not care about the ages or the status of the people, or if the person wants to join them or not. In other words, the groups deny their victims’ basic human rights.            I remembered hearing my grandfather talking about children who escaped from those groups. These groups trained the children to kill, to forget their families, and to see the world in adifferent way. It is really sad when I watch videos of Colombian War, and I see images of children in the first line fighting for reasons that they don’t even know. At the same time, it is more depressinghow those children lost their childhood. In 1983 Rosa was forcibly enrolled into the Colombian Armed Revolutionary Forces. She was 14 years old when that happened. Rosa’s father died trying to...
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