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• Can this person do the job? (Ability)
• Will this person make good decisions? (Judgment)
• Does this person know what he or she is getting into? (Commitment)
• Would I want to work with this person? (Fit)

The objective of the interview is for you to answer these (and related) questions. Bankers are all about data points, and will try to get as many pieces ofinformation as possible.

Your job is to show interest and enthusiasm in telling your story. Remember to work your story into all of your answers. Try to be as concise and to the point with your answers as you can without leaving anything important out.

Typical Investment Banking Interview Outline

1. Housekeeping Items
a. Smith GPA (may be asked for specific classes –accounting, finance, statistics)
c. SAT (know your breakdowns)
d. College GPA
2. Walk me through your resume
a. Why did you choose … (everything you have ever done!)?
b. What did you learn?
3. Why investment banking?
a. How does investment banking fit into your goals?
b. Commitment (The interviewer wants to knowthat you will be excited about doing this job)
c. Knowledge of the industry
4. Why us?
a. Programs – rotation versus group interest
b. Bank culture – why are you a fit?
c. Other factors – geography, specialization, etc.
5. Behavioral
a. Strengths
b. Weaknesses
c. Examples of leadership and teamwork
d.Personality questions (the little things you put on the bottom of the resume)
6. Technical
a. Accounting questions
b. Finance questions
c. Three ways to value a company
7. Any questions for me?
a. Anything that shows interest
b. Close with a wrap-up of your credentials
c. Make sure that your interviewer is comfortable with your storyd. Next step in the process

|Question Categories |Themes |
|Tell me your story – Walk through your resume? Why did you choose X? What did you learn? | |
|| |
|Tell Me About Yourself | |
|Why did you go to X College? |Clear/Concise |
|Why did youtransfer? | |
|Why did you go to Y Co. after school? |Smiling/Positive |
|Why did you change jobs? ||
| |Decision-making/Judgment |
|Business School | |
|Why did you decide to come back to business school?|Personality/Fit |
|Why Smith? | |
|Where else did you apply? | |
|Where else did you get in?...
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