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Resumen de Science

Basic Skills
There are certain LAB SAFETY RULES,we have this Safety rules to avoid producing any kind of accidents.
One of them are
1)Always wear safety glasses and lab coat until the teachers tells you otherwise.
2)Tie long hair back and fasten loose clothes.
and allot more.
Laboratory basics
some lab equipment are:
- beaker-Universal stand and clamp
-Conical flask -Round bottom flask
-Bunsen burner and heat proof mat -Test tube
-Measuring Cylinder -Delivery tube
-Glass Rod

The MASS of an object is a measure of how much "stuff" is in an object that is the amount of matter it contains.
Massis measured with a balance (they measure the weight).
The basic unit to measure mass is the Kilogram (kg).
The word weight is the wrong way to say mass.
Mass is the scientific word.

Is how much space an object (matter) takes up.
The basic way to measure Volume is in Liter (L) and the liter can be divided by some small units that are call milliliter (ML). One ML is .001 (onthousanth) of a liter.
Is measure normally with a GRADUATED CYLINDER.

Finding the volume of a shaped object:
to find the bolume of a box ore any rectangular shape you must MULTIPLY the LENGHT times the WIDTH times the HEIGHT.
1) Ask questions 5)Analyze results draw conclusion
2) Do background research 6)Hypothesis is true/Hypothesis isfalse
3)Contract Hypothesis 7)Report result
4)Test with an experiment
this steps you need to follow to do a wright experiment.
Scientists do experiments to search the CAUSE &EFECT about the relationship with nature.They design experiments so that changes to one item cause something else to vary in a predictable way.
This changing are called VARIABLES there arethree types of variables:
INDEPENDENT VARIABLE:is the one that is the changed in the experiment by the one that is doing the experiment.Then you can OBSERVE the results of the other ones.
DEPENDENT VARIABLE:is the thing we measure to see how it responds to the change made to the independent variable.
CONTROLLED VARIABLE:are the quantities that a scientist wants to remain constant.We keep this ina NORMAL CONDITION for comparison.
It is important for an experiment to be a FAIR TEST.You can make a fair experiment by making sure that you change one factor at a time while keeping all the others in normal conditions.
1)Different rose bushes are grown in a greenhouse for two months.The number of flowers on each bush is counted at the end of the experiment.
IV:different flowersDV:the number of flowers on each bush.
SV:they grow in a greenhouse fot two months.
Choosing the right type of chart or graph:
Ask yourslef what is the Input Variable?
if its a number that can have any value like:1,2,3,4,25,100,etc.
then you want a LINE GRAPH

But if you have values like:red,green,blue or tall,medium,short or January,July,March
then you are looking fora BAR CHART

FORCES: key words;Newton,Gravity,Mass,Volume,Push and pull,balanced & unbalanced etc.
forces are measured in:NEWTONS and the insrument whith we measure force is a NEWTONMETER they were named this after ISAAC NEWTON.
A force is a push or pull in an object.
here we have some example of forces:
TENSION:is the force in a stetched material.

WEIGHT:the downwardspull of gravity,heavy objects are pulled down with a bigger force than light objects.

FRICTION:is the force that tries to stop one thing sliding past another.if we wouldent have any friction nothing will stop moving they will continue moving and moving.

AIR RESISTANCE:another type of friction(it pushes against thing that are moving ,pushes against falling objects and slows them down. in...
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