Cinco De Mayo

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5 de Mayo?

By, German Gaytan G.
April 22, 2011.

A proud day, celebrated by millions and why not. A force of over 8 thousandFrench soldiers were defeated by a force of about 4000 Mexicans, a momentous event. Even the Gringos should raise a glass in genuine appreciation and say thank you, for what was Napoleon the 3rdtrying to accomplish in 1861? Well for one he did not care much for the United States and that is putting it mildly. 2 At that specific moment in the history of the United States, a civil war wasbeing fought and the French wanted to set up a base, in whish to support the Confederacy. One can only imagine what would have happened, if the South would have had the aid of a major European power. Soin that regard to my American friends…… Raise your bottle of Corona and along with us, specifically the citizens of Puebla, were General De Lorencez was routed by General Zaragoza and celebrate a“brief” yet important victory with….. …….VIVA MEXICO!……

As one who was born in Mexico, I appreciate and respect the sentiment that millions of Mexican Americans feel, when5 de Mayo comes around. Yet I must also ask with all sincerity, do those who celebrate this date understand that the French came back and did occupy Mexico once more and that they succeeded ininstalling a Monarchy in our land.

Should our declaration of independence from Spain not be a momentous day,
filled with pride and festivities? How about the revolution that led to the birth of ourRepublic in 1910? Keep in mind that more than two million of our forefathers and mothers died in that undertaking. Should that not be a day of remembrance?

It has been stated that knowledge is power, Ifor one must agree knowledge empowers. As a Mexican and more importantly the father of a first generation Mexican American. I have but one desire, for my daughter and her brethren to not only...
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