Circle of life

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Circle of Life
Having taken health class was very beneficial for me. In this class we are studying many issues are of little benefit to our lives, in the social, health, etc. in our environment.Of all the topics we studied during the semester there are three items that caught my attention. First, the issue of nutrition was a great help to me. The teacher used a technique that helped me indealing with the issue then review it more easily understood. The search for articles on the topic was very helpful to me. In this topic I learned the benefits of nutrition, foods and amounts that I eatdaily and much more, which I am using in my daily life. The second issue is addiction; this issue was of great pleasure for me since I had the opportunity to make a presentation in front of the class.I can learn the different types of addictions in which I did not know. We should be concerned about the people who use drugs around us, and we should help them. We can save more people than we thinkwith a little good will behavior. In this way, we will foster stronger societies around the world. And finally, the other issue that was very beneficial for me was Physiology of Stress; also learnedabout the different types of stress, as we can handle it and the causes and effects. Like all learning the lessons we can apply our lifestyles. In this way I can get much benefit in this topic becauseI will face many situations that may be stressful, but thanks to learning much about the subject I can handle my problems with ease.
When I came to college for the first time and told me I had totake health class thought it would be a waste of time, but now I realized that it will have help during my life to stay healthy. According to the circle of life the three themes that most interest me inclass, are merged into a circle. They represent an important part of my life. If I maintain good eating habits I will get a lifetime of satisfaction like, walk, exercising our career, to share with...
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