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Instruction for fixing your player problemms v1.1
1. Synchronization problems.
OK, so you have downloaded FASM release, tried to play it on your favorite player and it
failed, because they havesynchronization problems between video and audio. You think that if you
have never before experienced such problems, the player is OK, but the video is not. WRONG!!!
FASM releases contain a bitdifferent stream and it is known that even if its MPEG4
specification correct, some players don't handle it properly and DISPLAY AT SIGNIFICIANT
WORSE QUALITY. It happens mostly with older players andsometimes update fixes problem, so
you do not need to change your favorite player completely, but if you wish to try a player i consider
the best read below. Remember you are doing this on your ownrisk, so don't blame me if for
unknown reason something f.... up.
2. Downloading the copy of the best player i know.
The official version of Media Player Classic Home cinema Edition you can find here:
but if you are looking for latest ALPHA version (RECOMMENDED) go here:
3. Configuring the Media Player Classic Home Cinema Edition.
OK sothe next step is to configure your fresh player properly. It is good to do one thing
before start using this player. It is known that old configuration of it (in case you used it before) can
causestrange problems, so I recommend run regedit.exe, then find and delete completely this key.
Start the player and go to OPTIONS-INTERNAL FILTERS. Then enable allfilters, like below

Next double click on AAC to go into its properties. First thing you need to set is 24Bit Output
Sample Format, then you can decide you want to have stereo or 5.1 sound.


Then go to audio switcher and set the proper Volume Gain. For unknown reason for me the internal
AAC filter of MPC HCE is not as loud as DTS one. This gives the...
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