Clasificacion hotelera

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Clasificación de los hoteles, tipos de clasificación y características del porque de la clasificación.
Hotel clasification

There is a vast kind of Hotels classification, most of them areregulated by the same standard of services that they provide, the distinction between them is the facilities and the quality of its services.
At the beginning, the catering trade was no more than a simpleroom with the most basic service, a bed and maybe a bathroom.
Tourism had a quite important role in the development of the hotel classification. Due to the fact that the notorious rising demand ofbetter and comfortable places to stay, the regulations in the hotel service business were also improve, offering very specific services.
Nevertheless, was after the World War II when the National TouristBoard considered one kind of standard hotel; a new system of classification all around the world.

In order to belong to one of the different categories of classification, the facilities ought tofulfill some requirements, and based on the number of demands required is them classified the hotel. Around the world the grades and classifications may vary widely. Some of the classifications areusing stars; another is using symbols and names for most luxury hotels that overtake the regular standards. In the using of stars, there is a classification from one to five, and in some occasionalcases reach seven stars, and in the other classifications, the classifications are named Red Star Awards, AA Rosette Awards, Great Tourism, etc.
This led to the establishment of rating systems such asthe Automobile Association (AA) and its
Nonetheless, I will merely focus in the Mexican classification, which is based in the stars system, so I will explain briefly some of the requirement asked foreach star within the classification.

One star Hotel is a small hotel with a very family atmosphere. Many of the facilities are basis, including the service of meals. The facilities are possibly...
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