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The Sustainable Development Corporation CODESO, is a nongovernmental organization, private law for collective service and nonprofit. Created byAgreement No. 68 of Ministry of Environment of Ecuador, South America.

CODESO intended to promote plan, develop and implement projects and raising awareness and empowering people about important andsustainable management of natural resources, in addition to teaching agro forestry management techniques, as a valid alternative to improve the sector's sociofarmer without causing ecological damageCODESO has a group of technicians with experience and knowledge in:
• Rational use of natural resources.
• Agro forestry systems
• Development of "Integrated Agro forestry Sustainable
•Promoting alternative crops.
• Rearing and handling of small animals.
• Short-cycle crops
• buffer zones Management of Protected Areas
• Advice and channeling of credits and resources for organizations• Improved post-harvest processes and marketing

• Implementation and promotion of alternative energy systems such as:
solar photovoltaic electricity, radio, television, radio and waterpumping
solar dryers to improve and maintain the quality of products
Biogas systems for use of gas and biofertilizer

• Implementation of specific projects for the integration of women and ethnicgroups, as well as ecotourism
• Capacity building of organizations
• Information systems, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and Pluto (Land Use Planning).
• Systems development andprofessional learning
CODESO in contract with the Project PROFORS has elaborated more than 60 examples of implementations or Agro forest Modules, which are here at your disposal. They also can be adquired on CDROM.

The projects of CODESO gain to rise the "Living- Level" of the benefitted families, that implies that they are economically, ecologically and socially sustainable. For more information...
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