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Testing apparatus according to Brugger for testing lubricants with regard to mixed friction acc. to DIN 51347 appr. 10 ml N/mm2 appr. 10 minutes Depending on the lubricating properties the rotating roller produces different wear scarsonto the fixed cylinder. The scar has the shape of an ellipse. The main axes of the ellipse are measured with a magnifier. Thus the projection surface of the wear scar is calculated. The quotient of the pressure force and projected wear scar is the load- carrying capacity of the lubricant according to Brugger (N/mm²). At present the test method according to Brugger ist he only basis for finding theoptimal lubricant with regard toe the load-carrying capacity. A great number of measurings showed a good reproducibility of the results. The deviations from the measured values are ± 10%.


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Brugger Test – Testing theToughness and Hardenability of Case Hardened Steel – Supplier Data by Zwick Roell

The Brugger Test
To the present day there is no common standardized process for testing the toughness and hardenability of case-hardened steel. Decades ago, the Zahnradfabrik (ZF) Friedrichshafen developed a process with which these parameters were tested for the release of the corresponding molten masses. This test,which is used by many manufacturers and users of case-hardened steels, is known in the steel business as the “Brugger test”.

An impact flexure test is performed to determine the toughness. A special specimen with lobed ends (which can be interpreted as realistic models of a cogwheel) is mounted so that the impact fin strikes the broad surface of the fin at an angle less than 30 degrees. Thissimulates the impact loading of a cog.

The dynamic force at break is the characteristic parameter for impact toughness. It is the maximum force of the recorded force-time characteristic for an impact test. The instrumented pendulum impact tester RKP 450 from Zwick, Ulm, which is designed for a maximum impact energy of 450 Joules, is optimally suited for this test. The specimen is gripped in aspecial 2-screw clamping shell which allows reactionless clamping. A special baseplate for exchangeable grips as well as the pendulum’s interchangeable impact fins makes it possible to use the impact pendulum tester for the Brugger Test as well as for the usual impact bending tests to Charpy. The impact fin with its applied strain measurement strips (SMS) is highly stressed during this test. Forthat reason it is manufactured from high-strength steel. A special heat treatment makes it particularly resistant to wear. It is easily removed for reworking or exchange. The force-time characteristic during the test is acquired, processed, and evaluated with a high measurement frequency and a resolution of more than 65,000 measurement points. The underlying hardware and software package applied forthis is, of course, testXpert® from Zwick. Source: Zwick Roell For more information on this sourc

Brugger Testing vs. Timken Testing
03/02/2009 2:50 AM can somebody please give me advise on the comparison of brugger test to the timken test. handbook stipulates 30 N/mm sq min what is equavalent timken also if value isbelow desired how can i rectify the oil condition oil type hd 46 all other conditions of oil normal viscosıty 46.6 cleanliness ISO15/12 water 31PPM tan 0,54. here in turkey it is impossible to obtain a brugger test and the oil supplier lab say the timken results show 15lb which is a lower brugger value

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