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The environment of our planet is one of the special places of the universe where life has been able to develop an almost inexplicable.
So for millions of years, thousands of species of living and nonliving beings were in harmony with their environment but from human beings apararicion has broken through many problems affecting the whole planet.
Ever since man learned to use nature to enrichthe problems started because I use other resources that never returned to contaminate land and sea air.
These problems are not caused from this century but since the Industrial Revolution
The causes are:
Transnational corporations promote an excessive growth of freight transport long distances, causing huge CO2 emissions construction of transport infrastructure and
greater reliance on petroleumresource extraction. The general increase in transportation demands must satisfy with large infrastructures that allow smooth functioning of the global economy processes of urbanization and motorized mobility extension.
In parallel with the intense population growth, accelerate the processes of urban concentration, particularly in the developing countries where 90% of the growth
population willhave an urban character.
consequences in the XXI century
Greenhouse effect: The greenhouse effect is a phenomenon of the atmosphere
is that the solar energy that reaches the earth, to make contact with the ground, is reflected only in part, the rest being absorbed. This produces heat and is evidenced by a radiation energy in the atmosphere. The human use of fossil fuels (oil, coal, natural gas)is causing environmental problems, resulting in emissions of greenhouse gases (annual emissions of carbon dioxide CO2 quadrupled in the last fifty years), along with other activities, because the global warming of the atmosphere, which is causing a disturbance of the natural balance.
The hole in the ozone layer: Ozone gas is responsible for the protection of the Earth against ultravioletradiation. The introduction of new artificial compounds (such as chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs present in aerosols and refrigeration), as well as fertilizers, reduces concentration of ozone in the atmosphere, causing more of rays penetrate ultravioletas.Esto has serious consequences for the development of plant and animal life, and can produce genetic mutations, and skin cancer in people.
Acidprecipitation: nitrogen oxides and sulfur issued by the automobile industry and the atmosphere, react with water vapor to form sulfuric acid and nitric acid. These acids falling on the earth as rain, causing acidification of soil and water, loss of arable land, death of forests, etc..
Contamination of water and soil: This is owing both urban discharges, industrial and
livestock, and the use of pesticidesand fertilizers in intensive agriculture. Additionally the exploitation and transportation of natural resources (oil, gold, coal, mercury, metals, etc.) are greatly polluting. To get a gold ring is necessary to remove dirt kilo 4000. The erosion and soil salinization remain serious problems.
Air Pollution: The increased traffic originates "smog" (ozone) with the consequent threat to human health(severe respiratory problems) and vegetation. Concentrations are highest throughout the summer. The data show that a large majority of cities exceed the allowed values not to endanger human health. About 25 million people in Europe suffer episodes of winter smog and nearly 40 million are exposed to summer smog.
Deforestation: Deforestation is the loss of forests, which has serious consequences,such as soil erosion due to lack of vegetation, loss of fertile soil, and are lost soil nutrients, loss of flora and fauna, water cycle arrest or increased levels CO2 when burned forests. One sixth of the world's land surface has degraded as a result of intensive farming and poor agricultural cultivation practices. If you follow the current rate of deforestation in the Amazon, our "green lung"...
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