Comites de tierras urbanas en venezuela

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Most of the mega-cities have problems on the urban poverty, as the Mike Davis warns in his book ‘The Planet of Slums’ (2003), the problems of urban poverty and the formation and expansion of slumsget more serious in the global level. Latin America is not the exception of this. It is more vulnerable to these problems in the case of developing countries like Latin American countries, which showshigher economic inequality, higher unequal income distribution, and lack of social services. Centered on the big cities in Latin America like Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Caracas, Lima,Santiago, Bogota, etc.-not only the capital city but other big cities also-, urban (illegal) squatter settlement have already existed and evolved over times. The first urban problem emerged in LatinAmerica with the urbanization in 1940s which brings people to concentrate in city from the rural areas and it intensified with several economic crisises and the polarization of the wealth, decisively,after neoliberal policy prevailed. The urban poverty problems have evolved as of the emergence by ignored and excluded from the society as a class of vulnerability. The urban poverty is as serious asthe rural poverty and it may be worse than the rural one in the perspective of the comparative poverty.

According to World Bank, any of those who migrate will benefit from the opportunities in urbanareas, while others, often those with low skill levels, may be left behind and find themselves struggling with the day to day challenges of city life. This is that the poor who have dream of successand move to the city become the same poor in the city with weak access to the opportunity like education or jobs. Many of the problems of urban poverty are rooted in a complexity of resource andcapacity constraints, inadequate government policies at both the central and local level, and a lack of planning for urban growth and management. Therefore, out of necessity, the poor have to create...
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