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1. Introduction
Before performing the strategic plan, it needs to be build communication plan to reposition company’s brand efficiently. Smith and Taylor (2003) mention that, there are essential elements that every plan should have even though there are many different approaches to building a marketing communications plan. This paper is to construct communication plan for repositioning amusementpart which called ‘Everland’ in Korea. SOSTAC model which are Situation analysis, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Action and Control, will be based for building up communication plan (Appendix 1, p.13).

‘Everland’ is located in Yong-In, Korea which is 1hour apart from Seoul (Capital). This location can be competitive advantage. The reason will be presented in this report. They tended totargeting only Koreans so far and their target was tending to older people comparing other amusement parks in terms of comfort rather than dynamic park. Big accident occurred once during operating amusement ride. It suggests that the image of ‘Everland’ was unsafe, national, and old fashioned amusement park in consumer’s mind. This image could be changed to global, young and safe to consumers throughrepositioning communication plan.


2.1 Situation Analysis
2.1.1 Current market position of ‘Everland’
‘Everland’ was founded in 1976 named with ‘Nature farm’. Because of domestic image name, they changed name to ‘Everland’ in 1996 which present comfort and happiness in nature (Everland, 2004). However, because of big accident occurred before, the image of company is negative incustomers’ mind even though ‘Everland’ has been positioned national representative amusement park as it is first creator in this industry in Korea. It might be complicated to access there since it is 1hour apart from capital. However, this problem could be solved through having direct shuttle bus from ‘Seoul’ to ‘Everland’. The major competitors which are ‘Lotte world’ and ‘Seoulland’, advertisesthemselves as a new, dynamic and international amusement park. That could emphasize negative image of ‘Everland’ to consumers through showing them the positive points of ‘Lotte world’ and ‘Seoulland’. In this perspective, consumers have questions about safety or the other factors since ‘Everland’ did not provide new information. It could be related to Kotler’s marketing mix (Appendix 2, p.15).Consumers did not have information about the products, and according to research consumers think that the price of ‘Everland’ is acceptable, place is bit far to access. The perceptual map (Appendix 3, p.16) shows present position of ‘Everland’, and part of Everland’s repositioning objectives.

2.1.2 Brand Image
According to Assael (1995, p. 18), consumers may change their pattern of acquiringinformation, evaluating brands, and selecting a brand, and consumption experience will directly influence whether the consumer will buy the same brand again. Thus, it suggests that there is importance to keep positive brand image. Ahmed et al. (2002) suggests that, consumers need to be aware of the brand to choose it. This can related to evoked set which could be explained as set of acceptable brandsthrough identifying alternatives, choosing a set of acceptable brands through the information search (Turley and LeBlanc, 1993).
2.1.3 Consumer behavior
In highly competitive industry, it is important to examine consumer’s behavior to have a great advantage over its competitors. People act on beliefs when they have beliefs about the products or services as Kotler et al (1999, p. 197) statesthat beliefs and attitudes can influence consumer buying behavior. ‘Everland’ could get trust from consumers through improve the quality and safety of the product and service. And of course, the strategy for that is significant as well to give awareness to the customers. Kotler et al (1999) mention that, consumer purchases are strongly influenced by cultural (culture, subculture, social class),...
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