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1. Complete las oraciones con el verbo to be mas el verbo en paréntesis.

a. Oh ! Look ! It _____ (rain)b. The children _____ (play) in the classroom!

c. She _____ (sit)in front of her brother.

d. I _____ (go) to the supermarket with my mother.

e. My father _____ (read) a newspaper.

2.Enumera las rutinas y construye las oraciones correspondientes.

3. Las siguientes oraciones estas en el orden incorrect, enumeralas.

A day in the life of Goda

_____ Goda watches TV forone hour.
_____ She has dinner at 6:00 PM.
_____ She brushes her teeth and eats breakfast.
_____ She has lunch at 12:30 PM.
_____ She does her homework after watching TV.
_____ She has Math andEnglish lessons in the morning.
_____ She goes to bed.
_____ Her mother picks her up after school.
_____ Goda gets up in the morning.
_____ She has music and computer lessons in the afternoon._____ Her mother drives her to school.
_____ She has a sound sleep.
_____ Goda turns off the lamp.
_____ She reads a story book in bed.

4. Reading the text and complete with verbs.

Hi!!! Myname is Lucy. This is my daily routine on weekdays.

I ____ (get up) at half past seven and I _____ (have) breakfast with my parents and my parents and my younger sister Paula. I _____ (like)cereals but my sister ____ (like) bacon and eggs. My parents _____ (eat) coffee and toast.
We _____ (go) to school by bus, but my father __ (go) by train. My mother ____ (work) at home, she _____ (be) ajournalist.
We ____ (have) lunch at school, because in the afternoons we ____ (do) activities: I ____ (sing) in the choir and _____ (play) basketball, my sister ___ (go) to art class and ____ (play)badmington.

After school we ___ (go) home and my mother ____ (help) us with the homework. We also _____ (help) at home, I _____ (clean) the rooms and my sister _____ (wash) dishes. In the...
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